Monday, 19 February 2007


Today is "Bolludagur" or Bun day in Iceland.

I have been led to believe that traditionally children must get up before their parents, and then attack them with sticks, whilst shouting "Bolla, Bolla". For every hit, the child gets one cream bun. Sounds like a great plan :)

Thursday, 15 February 2007


Rainbow Waterfall

If you are a fan of waterfalls, Iceland is an ideal place to go travelling. Unfortunately with such a large number of waterfalls over the country, how do you know which one to go to? Already on the case, pretty much every waterfall has been given a tag to make sure you should visit. See below:

Dettifoss: The most powerful waterfall in Iceland.
Goðafoss: The most spectacular waterfall in Iceland.
Gullfoss: The largest volume waterfall in Iceland.
Háifoss: The second highest waterfall of the island. (This needs work!)
Skógafoss: The most beautiful waterfall in Iceland.
Seljalandsfoss: The most famous waterfall in Iceland. (Try again guys!)
Glymur: The highest waterfall in Iceland.

Still, can't fault the tourist board, and local residents from wanting to get the tourists to visit "their" waterfall. I would say that they're all worth a visit, just loved the classifications given above.

Have i missed any other major waterfalls with a "most..." comment?

Monday, 12 February 2007

Icelandic Horses.

Just to clear this up. Icelandic horses are horses. They may look like ponies, may be the same size as ponies, and be called ponies by everyone outside Iceland, but they are horses! :-)

Hope that clears things up!

*runs away in a hurry*

UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments below.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Iceland and Ice

Word of warning. When walking on ice, don't forget to wear your mannbroddar or "anti a**e over tit devices". I realise they fit into "dork fashion", but during winter it's too dark to notice :) Just don't wear them inside, or out in town as you'll quickly get kicked out of whichever bar you're visiting!

Thursday, 1 February 2007


Sorry couldn't resist ;-P

For those not in the know, this was the score of the (very close) handball match between old rivals Denmark and Iceland on Tuesday. Iceland equalised with 2 seconds to spare in normal time, and almost held on during extra time, but let the motherland pull ahead in the final seconds. Cracking game!

But handball! you all cry out. Well it's the national sport here, and it's taken very seriously despite the World Cup being covered by Eurosport!