Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Icelandair antics

It's about time i published a post about Iceland's national carrier, Icelandair. I've used them several times in the past and are much like other airlines around the world. The one comment i'd like to make is regarding their in flight advertising to upgrade to business class. When you've taken off, the entertainment system does a little announcement telling you the following:

"Our Business class passengers have already enjoyed our hospitality of our business class lounge and a pre-flight drink. In a short while our business class passengers will be served an aperitif, followed later on by a full meal and complementary drinks. In a few minutes we'll be offering bar service in economy class, followed by a light meal. All beverages will be offered at a reasonable price, apart from coffee, tea, and soft drinks which are complementary. "

The message could have continued: "Our business class customers are currently sitting in comfort with much more legroom than you. Hope you're suffering. Good luck for the next three hours!"

Do any other airlines use such tactics of persuasion to get you to upgrade for the next flight?