Friday, 22 December 2006

You know you're from Iceland when....

-You’re suspicious of pink fish, and wouldn’t want to eat it out of choice.
-But you like eating rotten fish (and sheep’s heads).
-Despite the cold, Ice cream is a very popular choice of snack.
-You consider a Toyota Hi-Lux a “runabout” and an F150 a small car.
-There is no such thing as having overly large wheels on your vehicle.
-Icelandic jumpers are actually waterproof and windproof so may be used in all conditions.
-Driving 150km to the cinema is regarded as normal.
-You classify route 1 as a “main road”
-Reykjavik is a big city.
-You like Opal as you’ve been conditioned to like the flavour from an early age with the same brand sweets.
-You have an involuntary impulse to say “How do you like Iceland?” when meeting a foreigner for the first time.
-You use a credit card for all purchases, especially for less that Kr100.
-You have been caught speeding by the police at least 5 times in the last year.
-and when you get caught speeding you get a “25% discount” if you pay on the spot with a credit card.
-You have Christmas lights up in your room all year round.
-You have an urge to be a student in Denmark.
-You eat rhubarb jam with beef.
-Soup is considered a dessert.
-The biggest partys revolve around horse and sheep festivals.
-Going to a bar before 1am is seriously uncool, but queuing to get in at 5am isn’t.
-Whilst waiting for the correct time to go to the bar, you make as many circuits as necessary in your car on a “Rúntur” around the town, stopping at regular intervals at the local petrol station.
-Although not particulary interested in whaling or whale meat, you like to take part to wind up the international community.
-You have a personal blog, and treat this as the primary communication system with your friends.
-Cod liver oil is non-negociable.
-You think any plant taller than 15cm is a “tree” and 5 together are known as a “forest”.
-You believe in trolls (when foreigners are in earshot), and think they live in “suspicous looking rocks”.
-You are proud of topping the world league tables on life expectancy, quality of living, and lowest age at losing your virginity.
-You can actually pronounce the beer Egilsgull.
-You have never heard of Magnus Magnusson, despite him being the most famous Icelander (ok after Björk)
-There is no such thing as a time when you can’t say “Haa?”
-You like using the letters ð and þ, but get confused by the letter z.

© howdoyoulikeiceland


Fríða said...

You really got it there. This is so true.

Annie Rhiannon said...

Hilarious. Glad I found this blonk.

howdoyoulikeiceland said...

Cheers :) This post was pretty much the reason I started this blog!

Torbjørn said...

cod liver oil... mmmmh! :o)

Anonymous said...

I live in the USA and I have to write a report on ethnic foods of other countries---and I was given Iceland. I have read quite alot about Iceland and it's people but can not really get information I need. Any help will be appreciated.

Ryan said...

dead on... except there is nothing that costs less than 100kr... except a pack of matches, I think. And yes, I did use my bank card to buy them ;) [[im not from iceland, but i live here and am married to one, so i suppose it's rubbing off]]