Wednesday, 10 January 2007

National news / Local news?!

Icelandic news is fantastic! With only 300,000 people to play with, national news has a very local feel about it, either that or the news is stolen from other countries (especially the UK and USA). So if for instance there is a small incident such as someone (hypothetically obviously ;) ) driving into a reindeer, you can be sure that'll be on the news. I'm sure the classic "Cat stuck up a tree" would make headlines here.... Although thinking about it "Cat stuck on a small shrub" hasn't got the same ring to it ;)

Until recently there was also a 24hr news station in Iceland which must have been very good at creating news stories. Actually they probably weren't as it doesn't exist any more!

Update: Just found out that the reindeer story made the main TV news. I rest my case your honour!


Fríða said...

I'm still amazed that if someone, hypothetically of course, reports a hit reindeer it's in the news after 15 minutes.
As we Icelanders say: "It's cucumber time!"

(Doesn't everyone just love direct translations?)

Solrun said...

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Icelandic news. When they have nothing interesting (which is relative) they bring on a psychic!

howdoyoulikeiceland said...

I think it's just a case of local news having too many minutes on the airwaves so you can't blame them. But sometimes it does make interesting news bulletins!