Thursday, 24 May 2007

Iceland's secret?

Good old OPAL! Iceland's secret. The photo on the left is the green "lightweight" version so you should try the red label version :) They're made of gum Arabic, menthol, liquorice and eucalyptus oil, and as far as i can tell are designed to get children drunk!*

Maybe I should explain?

Ok! As a local sweet, children are encouraged to eat them over imported sweets from the likes of Cadbury's and Nestle. They're a bit of an acquired taste, but soon you'll like them. Now here's the best part. There's an alcoholic drink called......OPAL! (With the same branding) And lucky for the company that makes them, all the children grow up and have already acquired the taste for the drink. Clever eh?!

*Ok children when they grow up, but that's not so interesting to say :)


Maria Alva said...

Very good point! Remember cigarette candy back in the old days? You blew out instead of dragging in on it and puffs of powdered sugar wafted from the end. Wonder if they're still around. I'm sure an alcohol based on a very popular and classic candy would never be approved in the states. M&M Vodka anyone?

howdoyoulikeiceland said...

Cigarette candy! Of course! Wonder if the cigarette companies were behind them....