Friday, 22 June 2007

Icelandic Swimming

Swimming in Iceland is not like any other country. Yes it's often cold outside, but that doesn't stop the majority of the swimming pools being outdoor! Almost every town and village across the country has one, and as a general rule they all have the following:

- Geothermally heated pool.
- Slides (Up to 3 - see the photo from Eskifjordur)
- 'Hot Pots' often with varying temperatures (38°-40°, and 40°-42°). If you're lucky they also have the option of turning it into a jacuzzi.

It really makes the experience much more interesting and enjoyable than an indoor swimming pool that's full of chlorine (oh did I mention that they're filled with natural mineral water with no chemicals insight!).

To get a better idea of the swimming pool culture, put it this way. Every town has a swimming pool, but not necessarily a bar...

A word of warning... Don't forget to leave your towel in the rack by the communal showers as drying off in the changing area may result in a fellow swimmer getting a bit irate!


Ásdís said...

That is one of the things I really miss from Iceland, the warm swimming pools in every town.
I enjoy reading your blog, although I haven`t been living there for years it`s fun to follow your "discovery" of the country.

howdoyoulikeiceland said...

I think I would miss them myself when I leave! Thanks for the complement about the blog. I hope to keep finding interesting things to write about in the future.

aquabot said...

I remember when I was there in March this year with some of my friends. It was cold getting the clothes back on! After all that excitement of swimming , we had a recap and briefing at the bar, we drank the special drink 'Smiling Chinstrap' a cocktail prepared by our friendly bar tender. Thanks for reminding the great memories...