Friday, 7 December 2007

Iceland: Banana Republic

Todays interesting fact: Iceland is Europe's biggest banana producer. (Before you start getting pedantic, it's probably not the case now, but was maybe 5 years ago).

Technically doesn't that make the country a Banana Republic?!?

Before you start wondering how on earth this could be the case, here's the reason: The Icelandic government imposed severe trade restrictions on the importation of bananas into the country, therefore making home grown banana production in geothermal greenhouses viable. That's what happens when you start playing with the economy.

Thanks to the Iceland Eyes blog for the heads up.


andrew said...

no. a banana republic is a specific term for central american countries that were, for all intents and purposes, run by the united fruit company during the 20th century. they are characterized by instability and inequality often having autocratic regimes that were puppets to the interests of the UFC and the united states.

Web Designer said...

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Sigvaldi said...

What you described never happened. Iceland has never exported bananas, it grows a few in greenhouses for experimental purposes but all banana consumption in Iceland is imported.
The Icelandic government never imposed a tax such as you describe on the import of bananas.

Shaun said...

Sigvaldi The blog said NOTHING about exporting bananas. It said "producer" and the comment is probably correct. The only place I've seen more bananas produced is Madeira. However, its main product is aluminium. You can see the Alcan factory about ten miles west of Reykjavik on your way to or from Keflavik airport

katty said...

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Kristinn said...

While we have never exported bananas, Icelandic banans, grown in greenhouses, were sold domestically in the 40's and 50's, when fresh fruit was rare and expensive.

South said...

Last year, I ate bananas produced under glass at a farm I stayed in, near Reykolt a few miles from Geysir. The farmer told me bananas like to be at about 20-25C all the time and like a lot of DAYLIGHT rather than SUNSHINE. He told me they are easy to grow but he makes a better living growing capsicum (peppers), cucumbers and tomatoes. Iceland is a republic. It grows bananas. But it absolutely is NOT a Banana Republic. I am glad Kristinn made the comment that show bananas go back to WW2. I was also told that.

Petroglyph said...

Truth. The title is cute, but in context is unfortunately dismissive of the scale and scopeof harm done and still being done.

Petroglyph said...

Cool stories about real facts!
The writer of the article was careless of the human suffering involved in the term
Banana Republic, and in mentioning "playing with the economy" outs herself, or himself, as a bit dismissive and possibly shallow, if not downright childish and maybe even a shill for the banksters. Iceland wasn't "playing" when they showed global leadership in taking their country back from the thieving vampire their ancestors, they are a formidable people, and when they rejected the white-collar slavers, they risked a lot, and showed the rest of the World a sane response to the thieving treachery of the Banksters.
Any discussion of their action taken on their economy needs to account for their refusal to be fleeced.

South Ockendon said...

I'm happy for Iceland to be a banana republic so long as it stays the most democratic country on earth. I go there every year and I know that most Icelanders (who have a devilish sense of humour as well as being the most literate people on the planet) would be totally amused at the idea of being cast as a banana republic and indeed would milk it for all it was worth which, regretably is eff all.

Anonymous said...

Bana production in iceland is nearly non-existent.

Rajkumar Elayaperumal said...

Iceland is one of the biggest banana exporter in the world but the word 'Banana Republic' is contrary to its meaning here.

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