Wednesday, 20 December 2006


This really is one of my pet hates in Iceland. For some reason a large proportion of drivers on the roads out here insist on reminding you that you have your full-beam headlights on. The standard reminder consists of flashing all their lights at you just before you pass, blinding you into submission. I don't have any problem with a genuine reminder, but please stop doing it when i have dipped my headlights!!

Unfortunately it's now become such a regular occurance that plenty of people are turning this into a game. You dip your headlights as normal, but hold onto the indicator stalk.... When you get flashed, flash them back!! This helps on several counts: 1. It makes you feel better (always a bonus!) 2. It tells the other driver that you did have your lights dipped after all. 3. Maybe, just maybe it will stop them doing it again.

I'm interested in why people think this occurs so readily here in Iceland, but much less so in other countries (to my knowledge). Is there a tendency for people here to point out your failings faster here? Or do people simply like flashing other cars for no apparent reason!?

For the record this doesn't just happen when driving one car, it happens in a range of vehicles.


fríða said...

And for the record, you were flashed 4 times yesterday on the trip to the cinema.

Oli Agust said...

...maybe its time to check if your headlights are aligned properly! The hint has been given... take it! :)

howdoyoulikeiceland said...

Hmmm. Not convinced! Happens when i drive too many different cars you see. I'm coming round to a potential solution though. Full beam all the time (even in the day). I think that would solve everything ;)